Monday, November 29, 2010

day 21: a picture of me

um, because there aren't enough pictures of me on this blog here are 2 more for day 21 of this challenge:

this picture was taken after i graduated from A&M but hadn't yet found a "real" job. so i was back working at the same restaurant i worked at all through college & living in an apartment attached to said restaurant. i like this picture because 1) it was the last time in my life when i always surrounded by friends-living with friends, working with friends and spending all my free time with them and 2) this is about the time i began to blog-stalk gregg.

this lovely picture of me was taken exactly 1 year ago today about 20 mins before going into the hospital to be induced. i was 1 week past my due date and flippin miserable. i was so miserable in fact, that i wasn't even nervous about what was ahead of me. just SO ready. 

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