Saturday, November 13, 2010

day 6: the siblings

i am the oldest of 3 children. i have a sister. Brittany, who is about 3.5 years (4 in school years) younger and a brother, Robert, who is 9 years younger. growing up my sister and i always shared a room and even a bed. this made for ample sisterly fights over things such as the phone, clothes and hogging the room. somehow, we made it through that and as we've gotten older we have found ourselves in similar life stages together. i.e. married and with our first our babies.

my brother always seemed like a baby to me because i was 9 years older than him. i changed his diapers, babysat him and carried him around the house ALL the time. strangely enough, we seem have to very similar personalities despite the large age difference.

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