Thursday, November 11, 2010


Day 3: your first love

i was going to put off today's post until tomorrow but since my child decided that tonight would be the perfect night to scream herself to sleep-i guess i'll go ahead and do it now.

so i could take the easy way out on this one and talk about the boy i had a crush on in 2nd grade but we all know that's not love. i even knew back then it wasn't love :)

i didn't really do any dating until i got to college. i never had a boyfriend throughout my high school years but i started dating someone pretty much as soon as i started my freshman year of college. i thought i loved him for months 2-6 of our relationship, i spent months 6-10 trying to convince myself i was in love with him and then months 10-13 trying to work up the nerve to break up with him. thank goodness i finally did because continuing that relationship would have been far from God's plan for me.

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gm said...

umm, it's 5:02 pm on nov 12th. where is day 4...or even 5? i'm interested. ;)