Tuesday, August 17, 2010

sometimes, i catch myself glancing at a mom sporting workout clothes, in her SUV at the red light with her baby in the backseat and cell phone in hand (or in ear) and i think-is that what i look like? these days i'm driving the toyota sequoia that my mom has wonderfully allowed me to borrow and i have to say, i feel like quite the fraud.

while i obviously love the extra space (i.e. ability to fit my child's car seat into the car), it's a vehicle that gregg and i would never be able to afford. but here i am, driving my cute baby around in my giant "luxury" SUV, wearing my work-out gear (because it's comfortable not because i'm actually working out) and going to the park at 8am on tuesday morning. hello-mom much?? after our park trips, i usually come home and play with abbey for awhile before putting her down for her morning nap. i then usually clean up a bit, have coffee, and start prepping dinner or baking muffins. (i have baked muffins 3 times in the past week!) the really strange thing is that on most days i really love my domestic life.

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