Friday, July 30, 2010

settling in

we live in austin again and life is good :)

packing up and moving was stressful as usual. the only difference this time was that we were doing it all with either a baby in one hand or a crying/yelling baby in the background. i definitely did not clean our old place as throughly as i normally do when moving out but honestly i was just exhausted and i think overall it was fine.

when i pulled into our apartment complex in austin i was greeted with a torrential downpour and a diaper blowout (with NO changing table to be found) but after changing abbey, re-dressing her and signing my life away we made it to our new place and gregg arrived shortly mom and brother met us here which made life so much easier. i could actually focus on un-packing while my mom played dress up with abbey and my brother helped unload the truck.

our apartment is fantastic! it feels so big-it is definitely the largest apartment either of us have had and it's fun to be settling in to a space that feels so open. we've gotten nearly everything unpacked and now need to work on getting electronics set-up and artwork hung. the evening we we arrived we had an apartment full of friends stop by to help unload and welcome us back. it was a great reminder of why we feel austin is our home. we love our community here and are so excited to be back home.

pictures will come as artwork gets hung. soon kathy-soon :)

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hope said...

so glad you guys are back!