Friday, July 30, 2010

8 months

it really seems like i JUST typed up a 7 month update. the weeks are flying by and we are getting closer and closer to abbey's 1st birthday. to be completely honest, i'm not sure i'm emotionally prepared for that day to come. i plan to distract myself by planning the cutest little owl themed birthday.

in abbey news:

  • so so close to crawling. she definitely gets around but it's not the formal crawl. it's more of her getting on her hands/knees, lunging forward and then hopping her legs up. it's quite cute but not the most efficient use of her energy :)
  • she finally mastered putting herself into a sitting up position. she had been trying for weeks-just kinda hanging out half way there and she finally pulled it off a couple weeks ago. she was quite proud of her little self.
  • not much on food still. part of this is my fault i'm sure b/c i really haven't put a whole lot of effort into introducing new things to her. i'm hoping to get her a high chair soon and starting working on it. 
  • she weighs about 21.4 lbs and is 28.5 inchs long. a big girl :) most people assume she is closer to a year than she really is. we had to get the bigger car seat since she outgrew the weight limit on the one we had and her legs hung way over the edge. this also meant we had to switch cars with my mom since the new car seat didn't work rear facing in EITHER of our vehicles. thank goodness for my parents and their love of over-sized vehicles. i'll be driving "the tank" for the next 4 months it seems.
  • abbey is always smiling, laughing and babbling away. she says "mom-mom" and "dada" but i'm pretty sure she has no clue what she is saying. she has also started making this squinty little face that is freaking adorable. and for a short lived period would point to my nose when i asked her to. she's lost interest in this but i'm working on getting it back, along with teaching her "bye-bye". i'm such a mom.
  • she LOVES macey. if macey sneezes she cracks up, if macey walks by her she grins and tries to grab her, if macey licks her face she thinks it's hilarious. she loves macey!
the more time that passes, the more i feel like abbey is growing into my little friend. we call her ""friend" all the time but we use that name for each other and macey too :) i really can't believe the way abbey has changed me and my life in just 8 months. there are no words to convey how happy she makes my heart and when i think about her i just want to squeeze her!

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