Sunday, May 9, 2010

you know in healthy eating magazines when they give you tips for not over indulging and using food as a reward? they say things like "when you feel like you need to treat yourself, enjoy some down time with a good book or pedicure instead of those cookies or ice cream." or something along those lines. i would like to know who is capable of that?? as if reading a book is going to replace my all consuming desire for a giant brownie or peanut butter cookie.

i thought of this tonight while rummaging through our cabinets to find something to satisfy my need for sweets. i realized that i often look forward to having something like this at night after i put abbey down. it's like my reward for finishing another day. as i was reaching for the bag of mini-chocolate chips in the freezer i thought to myself, " i should just go read my book that i've been wanting to read all day instead" and then i thought "i'll do that while eating these chocolate chips."

btw, mini-chocolate chips are a sad replacement for brownies and/or peanut butter cookies.

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gm said...

...and now you know the reason that i try hard to never buy any junk/dessert foods and keep them in the house. i will eat them ALL. i've always simply kept that stuff out of my home, and it works. only short-term/small servings in the cupboard at a time. it's ok to want the goodies, as long as you make it so you don't get them all the time.