Sunday, May 2, 2010

5 months

From 5 DAYS old to 5 MONTHS old..what a difference!

it's hard to believe 5 months have already gone by. i remember reaching the 5 month mark of pregnancy and feeling like i still had so long to go (and i was right about that). here are some things about abbey at 5 months:

  • she can ALMOST sit-up on her own. i'm determined to get her to master this sometime this month (preferably this week!) i am so tired of lugging that car seat into stores/restaurant, plus i think she'll enjoying sitting up much more than the reclined position being in the car seat requires.
  • still is not rolling over. i am not all concerned about this though. she can practically sit-up so i figure she'll roll over when she feels like it. i mean what 5 year old can't roll over??
  • she is such a happy little thing. she really is so pleasant and thinks just about anything is hilarious.
  • she is grabbing, holding, and eating her toys and anything she can get her hands on.
  • she finds macey fascinating and laughs at her when she sneezes. i find this adorable.
  • she is FINALLY napping again pretty consistently. let's hope she keeps this up for awhile

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