Thursday, April 29, 2010

some things..

i am looking forward to:

  • my nephew, Noah Landon, arriving sometime in the next 3-4 weeks!!!
  • 10 year high school reunion. i think i'm more excited about the drive down with my best friend and our babies than i am about the actual reunion-although i am pretty excited about the reunion. small schools make for good reunions-in my opinion at least :)
  • one whole week spent at a beach house in florida in june with gregg's family. cannot wait!
  • possibly getting to visit with kathy and joe and meet little ethan while in florida.
  • the summer & finding and making use of a pool as much as possible
  • introducing abbey to the pool and the ocean :)
  • freedom from this semester in just 4 days!
  • my parents moving back to Brenham and having a house to go visit them at!
  • spending some time in Brenham, at said house, and hanging out with my mom, sister and little noah (and abbey and the rest of the family course!)


gm said...
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Carey said...

brittany just gave me your blog address. i can't believe i didn't know you blogged.

you make me chuckle, my friend.