Thursday, March 11, 2010

primarily for my benefit

some things i'd like to remember about abbey at 3 months old:

  • she is slowly discovering her hands. she hasn't quite figured out what they are for but she likes to chew on them and hold them together. it's pretty cute.
  • loves loves loves bath time. she goes crazing in her little tub kicking and squirming and squealing.
  • she hates tummy time and i've been a negligent mother and have not made her spend much time in that position. however, she is getting better at pulling her head and neck up and i'm hoping i haven't stunted her growth too much. she hasn't rolled over yet so she seems a little behind the other babies her age..but i'm sure she will catch up :)
  • she likes to yell now. i think she's discovering her voice because she will yell just for the fun of it. she's not upset or angry but just trying to get her point across. the more you talk to her the more she will keep yelling.
  • she ALWAYS carrying around a fist full of my hair.
  • she LOVES her bouncy seat. goes crazy over the dangling flowers and can really bounce that thing.
  • she is getting to be a pro at putting herself to sleep at night. most nights she doesn't even fuss but just falls right to sleep. she's been sleeping for 8-10 hrs a night for the past 4-6 weeks. everyone is happy about this.
  • she refuses to let me rock her to sleep. sometimes i wish this wasn't the case.
  • she does however love when gregg plays the guitar for her. puts her to sleep everytime. it's so adorable to watch.
  • she no longer wants to be held in the laying down position. she tries to sit up and will yell until you hold her in an upright position facing out. really doesn't like being over your shoulder either.
  • blows bubbles non-stop which means her shirts are covered in drool on a regular basis.
  • she's developing some chubby little thighs and arms. i love it.

she makes us so very happy. even on the most tiring days it's hard to get too frustrated because she's just so adorable. i can't believe she's mine to keep :)

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