Wednesday, March 3, 2010


things just feel completely out of control all of the sudden. i feel like i can't figure out where to start because i have so much to do-so instead i'm writing a blog post.

we went to visit gregg's family for a long weekend. it was our first time to fly with abbey and things went pretty good. she slept pretty much the whole time on both plane trips and i think i was having a harder time being content on the flight home than her. i hate flying. not because it scares me but because it's so boring and i hate being confined and crammed into such a small space. unfortunately, it's the most efficient way to travel so we do it often. the trip was great. i am really really glad we decided to make the impromptu visit. abbey is just too cute and sweet for her florida family to not get to see her :)

however, now that we are back i feel like i am overwhelmed by school and life tasks. i have had multiple moments this week where i have seriously asked myself if grad school really is the right thing for me right now. i have come to the conclusion that is but, seriously, it's so much work!

i also felt like i had fallen off and been run over by the weight loss wagon while we were in florida but much to my delight i did not gain weight and actually managed to lose another 1lb last week. every 1lb counts. i used to not get excited about just a pound but now it's a definite victory. i also made the decision to just go ahead and try on jeans. again, much to delight, it seems i am able to wear regular jeans again! hooray! unfortunately, i am wearing a size(s) just a tad larger than i'd like to be wearing. oh well, small victories.

now-off to do homework as long as abbey will allow me to.

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