Tuesday, February 23, 2010

seriously, tell me that's not the cutest baby girl you've ever seen?

i have so many things i should be doing right now while abbey naps but i choose to do this.
we are leaving for florida in 2 days and i have not packed for me or abbey and i still have school assignments to finish before we go.

ww is going well i think. i'm finding it really difficult to find time to work out. when abbey naps i have papers to write and quizzes to take and then before i know it she's up again. i guess i need to make it more of a priority and get up before her to workout. that thought is not pleasant-it would mean waking up at 5:30am..it's doable though. i will make that my goal for next week when we get back from florida. despite only working out 2x last week the scales tell me i've lost 2lbs. i find this hard to believe but i hope it's true. we shall see how it goes while we are visiting family. these trips usually = excessive eating so i'll have to be extra careful.

our sweet girl is getting big so fast. i really really can't believe it. she's so adorable i just don't know what to do about it! gregg says she's so cute it makes him want to throw up. he says that about things when he feels pretty strongly about something. he once told me i wore a certain pair of shoes he would throw up on my feet. anyway..she's beautiful and i cannot wait for gregg's parents and family to see her this week.


Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

yes she is the cutest baby "girl" I've ever seen. Ethan is the cutest baby boy I've ever seen. But I'm biased too. ;o)

Brit said...

yep shes pretty stinkin' cute!!! good grief i cant wait to see her!!! and hold her and love on her, so hurry on up and come see me. :)

ok so going into baby stores are just sooo hard bc i want to buy everything i see for Noah. And my husband does not make it any easier, bc he convinces me to buy stuff (like always) in stead of trying to talk me out of it. anyhoo. have fun in Florida!