Saturday, February 6, 2010


that "fog" that everyone says exists for new parents (or at least new moms) is officially lifting i do believe. i just cannot get enough of our sweet baby girl. she is SO precious. things are starting to feel manageable and doable again and i'm learning how to eat at a restaurant with a baby in my lap :)

i really didn't know how i would respond to being a mother. i am not really one to "gush" over anything and i'm pretty low-key when it comes to things that people typically go crazy over. but that baby girl makes me so incredibly happy. i just want to cry when i think about her. sometimes she looks up at me with the biggest smile like she knows just who i am and it makes my heart break. i hope she always looks at me like that. she is the sweetness!

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Samantha said...

Oh Jen, you sound like such a mommy! It's so cute to read the evolution of your parenthood. Hey, remember when we used to say we weren't going to have kids? ;)