Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a little late

i hate "celebrating" the new year. i think the whole thing is just way overrated. i rarely make resolutions because they just seem completely pointless. however, having just gone through a major life change (or 2 counting starting grad school) there are some in areas in which i need to get it together. so here's my list:

1. lose the last 10 lbs of pregnancy weight. apparently the last 10 won't just fall off magically like the first 20 did.

2. eat out less and cook at least 2x a week. (yeah, i never cook..)

3. be more dedicated and serious about daily prayer and scripture reading. this area has taken a MAJOR hit since starting school and especially since having abbey in my life

4. answer my phone when people call me. i really am not a fan of talking on the phone so i rarely answer the phone when people call. it has nothing to do with who is calling me-i just find phone conversations to be awkward so i tend to avoid them. unfortunately, i am missing out on hearing from my friends this way so i must get better about that.

that's a doable list right? ugh, now i have to get started on it since i'm already close to 2 weeks behind.


Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

i'll help you with one of them by calling you unannounced. ;o)

gm said...

yeah, you never answer my calls :(

gm said...

let's work on #3.