Sunday, January 10, 2010


abbey and brittany
sweet abbey pants

things have been busy! i spent pretty much all of last week at my parents place in houston. we spent 1 day in bay city/palacios and another in brenham. i think we spent more time in the car than at their place taking abbey on a tour of south texas. it was exhausting but worth it for my family there to get to meet abbey. obviously they all loved her and think she is just adorable-because she is :)

my brother moved to dallas last weekend to start school here. he is going to a ministry training school about 30 mins from gregg and i. he is planning to be a youth minister. we went with him to move his stuff into his dorm and get him all settled. it was exciting and made me miss college just a bit. i can't believe it's been 10 years since i started college. in so many ways it seems like just last month. it is crazy how fast things change.

while my mom was in town she watched abbey for us so gregg and i could go out alone for the first time. i really appreciated this and of course she loved it. we went to a quick dinner and to see a movie. gregg also gave me a sweet gift that i wasn't expecting.

abbey is 6 weeks old tomorrow. really doesn't feel like 6 weeks have gone by. she is getting so big-most of her newborn clothes aretoo small for her. this makes me a little sad. she's still so small but it's just sad how fast she is changing and growing. she's such a sweetie and is starting to interact a little more-trying to "talk" and smiling so much. i love her and her sweet little face.

now i'm back in ft. worth waiting for classes to start. technically it all starts again this thursday but i'll only have chapel until next week since i have all monday classes. can't believe the break is over.

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