Thursday, December 3, 2009


this one was SO cute i had to add it twice (actually it was an accident)
judah and abbey-how freaking cute!?
our little glow worm doll

  • tonight will be our 2nd night home from the hospital. they let me go a night earlier than most c-section patients have to stay. thank goodness!
  • things have been going okay at home-nothing too different from the hospital. abbey has her days and nights mixed up as most new babies do, so she naps well during the day but doesn't do much sleeping at night. eventually that will get better.
  • i am starting to feel a little bit better and less sore. i am still not able to move around as quickly and easily as i would like to but in a few weeks it should be much much better.
  • jamie and amy came to visit today and i finally got to see judah. he is SO adorable and looks just like jamie. abbey and judah looked adorable next to each other.
  • i still have to take finals-in fact, it's looking like i will have one monday. hooray! i'm actually not too worried and am just ready to get them over with so i can focus completely on abbey and Christmas :)

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Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

okay, those pics are cute. now post more. ha! j/k, only when you can busy mama!