Tuesday, December 1, 2009

so i have my baby girl and am no longer pregnant-mission accomplished. however, getting to this point was not so simple.

sunday evening we checked into the hospital at 7pm to start with the cervadil. cervadil pretty much started giving me contractions right away that lasted all night long and became very intolerable by about 4am. abbey was face up so her little head was being smashed into my lower back which made the contractions many times more painful than they probably would have been. at 6:30am am they pulled the cervadil early because my contractions were too strong and right on top of each other. from there, i got an epidural so i could stop feeling like i was going to vomit. the epidural was absolutely no big deal at all-i barely felt it as i had the pain of contracting to distract me from it. i kept right on progressing painlessly until i was 6-7 cm dilated and then i hit a wall. for about 5 hrs i made NO progress even though i was having very substantial contractions and abbey was not moving down at all-after 5 hours of this it was finally determined that she wasn't moving because there was no room for her to make it through. this meant a c-section. at this point, i was so ready to have her here and be done with labor. i just wanted her here and healthy-at various times throughout labor her heart rate would drop and i had developed a pretty high fever so the risk of infection was there. so, while c-section was not my ideal situation, i was completely okay with it. surprisingly, i handled it just fine. i didn't feel panic while it was going on.

so now i'm dealing with recovering from surgery and the pain is definitely not fun. it makes things frustrating because i can't just jump up to change her diaper or grab her out of her bed or sit-up for that matter without it taking several minutes and dealing with extreme pain. it's only been 24hrs and i have to keep reminding myself of that. it seems like last night was weeks ago! we are still in the hospital and hoping we can get out of here tomorrow night.

i cannot believe we have our sweet baby girl. i just want to hold her and snuggle her and kiss her all day long. i'll be so happy when i'm fully recovered and can do more for her. i really truly cannot even describe what it feels like to know this little person is ours. i am not one to use words like "amazing" in describing things but really, there is no other way to describe it but amazing.

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