Wednesday, December 30, 2009


is taking over my life.

i have never ever been this hungry in my entire life. i usually don't have a huge appetite but just eat most of the time because i like food but this whole breastfeeding thing has changed that. i am so hungry all the time-i feel like i need to eat as often as abbey does. (which is every 2 hrs by the way..). unfortunately, i haven't been making the healthiest choices for food. christmas week i ate about 1000 chocolately pretzels things and sugar cookies and today i had a piece low-fat banana bread from starbucks for lunch. blah. it's hard to find time to actually put lunch together with abbey around but i'm working on it. i have learned to be a very quick, one handed eater. it's no fun trying to cram food in my mouth with a screaming baby next to me. if i'm ever going to get rid of this last 10lbs i'm going to have to figure something out soon!

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