Monday, December 28, 2009

another christmas has gone by-this year felt so different and so un-christmasy. i think having abbey right in the middle of the holiday season really threw things off. we didn't even get a tree until a week before christmas-i was just so preoccupied with finish finals, recovering, and adjusting to abbey that i didn' t have much time to think about anything else. my parents and brother came here-which also made things seem strange because we are also at their place (or gregg's parents) and we opened gifts on christmas eve (which we have NEVER done) and went to eat dinner at Luby's. ha. oh well-it was still nice. next year should be lots of fun when abbey is a year old and brittany's baby will be here too. i did manage to eat an insane amount of junk food-mostly sugar cookies and chocately pretzels. i must stop with the sugar but i can't stop thinking about those sugar cookies!

we also got a surprise snowfall on christmas eve. when the weather predictions called for for snow, i was thinking it would be the typical texas "snow". the kind that you can barely distinguish from rain, doesn't stick to the ground and is over in 30 mins. i was very wrong. it really snowed and covered the ground. in fact, there are still little patches hanging around that haven't melted yet. it was exciting and made for a beautiful christmas-however-i can safely say i'm okay with living somewhere snowfall is not the norm :)

anyway-that's the update for now. not much else going on. i've just been enjoying having gregg home for the past 5 days and just getting to know our sweet baby girl.

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