Monday, December 21, 2009


wow-today has exhausted me. abbey didn't sleep as well last night and woke up around 2 and didn't feel like sleeping! i think she finally went back to sleep as gregg was leaving for work at 6. that has made for an exhausting day-especially since she's been cranky all day until about 30 mins ago. i don't know what made her better but i'm glad it did!

since we had been planning to go to houston for christmas we decided to not get a tree-time just got away from us. but now my family is coming to us (thank GOODNESS!) so we went out looking for a tree yesterday. we found them on super clearance at lowes and got a 6ft real tree for just $5!! waiting until the last minute has it's benefits :) of course, there is a good chance it could die before friday gets here...

gregg gets in home SO soon-i have never been so happy to see 7pm roll around as i have these last few weeks at home alone with abbey! thank goodness for his 3 day work week :) i have a new found appreciation for stay at home moms and i really really mean that!

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