Saturday, November 28, 2009

last night

it is strange to think that this is the last night gregg and i will spend at home without abbey here with us. i keep looking in her room and cannot believe that the time has finally come and she will be in her crib oh so soon. she has definitely outgrown my uterus. her feet are up under my ribs and her head is pushing down on my right hip-i can't wait to feel her feet outside of my body!

i'm so ready to be on the other side of pregnancy and i just keep trying to focus on the end point and not everything that i have to get through to get there. my hope is that when the cervadil starts tomorrow evening i'll go into labor and won't need pitocin or as least not as much of it anyway. there are about 1 million things that could go wrong running through my head but i just keep trying to remind myself that i am not in control and God knows what is best for me and what i can and cannot handle. if you are reading this, i am definitely welcoming prayers for a safe, healthy, uncomplicated delivery and that i will just stay calm.

i may try to get another picture up tomorrow before we go in but if not-i'll be back with abbey pictures!

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