Thursday, July 2, 2009

after my last whiney post about not having clothes i am happy to say that i feel like i hit the clothes jackpot yesterday. a friend here let me borrow several shirts, a dress and a pair of jeans from her recent pregnancy and then on the way home i stopped at ross and found:

1 pair of jean capris (i will now take back the expensive ones i bought saturday)
1 dress
3 shirts

all for $30 and all maternity and big enough to last for quite awhile. although everyday when i wake up i feel like i've ballooned overnight. it's so strange but i am nearly 20 weeks (5 months) which means i'm halfway through this already! crazy. as the weeks have gone by i've noticed that my lifetime fear of delivery has subsided a little. i am realizing that at this point, you just do whatever you have to do to have a healthy baby. i started to realize that in the beginning when things were scary for a couple of weeks and all of the sudden it didn't really matter to me what i was going to have to deal with with as long as this baby was okay. maybe this means i'll be a good mother :)

in other news, i'm dragging gregg to palacios this weekend for his first ever palacios experience. gregg always talks about growing up on the "west side of jacksonsville" as if it's the worse place in the world-i think he will feel very differently after a little visit to palacios, tx. :) i enjoyed growing up there for the school experience i got to have (although now the schools there aren't somewhere i'd like to go) but other than that, it's pretty awful. small towns may all be boring but they don't have to be disgusting and this one is. just to give you a little perspective-when i say "small town" i don't mean a 15 thousand person town-i mean a 4 thousand person town with one stop light that came when i was in jr. high. for months after that stop light was put in there was a wreck every week.

anyway, we are going to show gregg palacios, stop by alex's 5th birthday party and visit my aunts and grandmother. should be an okay time once we get there.

alright, off to work now.

happy thursday.

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