Saturday, June 27, 2009

saturday with nothing to do, i suppose i should relish these days of freedom because once november gets here they will be few and far between for the next 18+ years.

my day has been mildly productive but it's all relative really depending on what you consider productive. i feel like i spend most of my day in the kitchen when i have the entire day to myself while gregg works a 12 hour shift. i have been on a baking kick lately and have decided i like having muffins around. so i finished up my last blueberry muffin this morning and decided to make bran muffins this afternoon. so exciting is my life.

but wait-there's more excitement. i also....

1. went to the only old navy in the city that carries maternity clothes in the store. they have about 4 things to choose from. it's sad. i purchased a pair of really cute jean capris that i totally shouldn't have spent the money on. i may still take them back but can i just say, there aren't many things more frustrating and depressing than waking up and having no clothes that fit your body. i already feel like i have no control over my body anymore (because i DON'T) but to have my once large clothing become to small is just plan sad.

2. i then went to marshalls to check out their baby section but didn't see anything worth buying.

3. i headed over target just because it was there and left with a diet dr. pepper. yes, i'm drinking diet caffeinated drinks. sorry.

4. i went to the scary rich person HEB in lakeway to pick-up groceries. rich people are rude and drive gigantic cars. i hate that HEB but it was right there so i went.

that about wraps up my day. after all that fun i came home, had lunch, made the muffins and forced myself to get on the treadmill for half an hour. i then spent the next 2 hours watching television episodes i rented from netflix. now i'm making dinner and praying gregg and i find something to do tonight that does not involve spending money but DOES involve leaving the apartment. seeing friends would be nice too but it's unlikely. maybe we'll visit the pool again..


gm said...

we went out that night and listened to some music at a club downtown! hooray for doing something else on your saturday!

...and yes, rich people places annoy me too. we need to move to a more blue-collar city where we don't look and feel so poor in comparison to all of the big suv, 2k+ square feet house people.

Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

tomorrow you should post a belly update pic. it will be a month since the last one. :o)