Friday, May 1, 2009

really good friday morning

                                                      paper is macey's favorite present :)
                                     you can't tell but it's a shiny silver/white color. i like it.

my baby has a heartbeat!

i got to hear it this morning and of course, before i went in i was all freaked out that we wouldn't be able to hear it but we did! 160 beats just as it should be. this is nice to hear and know because most days i wonder if i'm really pregnant. also, once you hear the heartbeat the risk of miscarriage drops significantly. so 10 weeks down and 30 more to go. i don't like putting it in terms of weeks because it seems so much closer that way. ha. i like months better. 7 months.

ALSO, my fantastic in-laws got me an incredible early birthday gift-seriously i feel like it's too much. i got a brand HP laptop and printer. the laptop looks super cool and is apparently a good one ( i know nothing about all that) and it has a built in web cam so i can talk to people on Skype-which excites me. 

oh also, gregg officially accepted an offer this morning at Harris Methodist in downtown ft. worth to work in their cardio-vascular ICU. he's excited about it and the pay is a little better (which will even out to enough to pay food!).

now, we are off to brenham for the rest of the weekend.

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Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

Congrats on hearing the baby's heartbeat and Gregg accepting a job in Ft.Worth! How fun and exciting. Cool about getting a new laptop and printer. I'm super excited for you both.