Thursday, April 30, 2009

at last...

i am going back to school! 

i am so incredibly excited, of course, the timing is very interesting but it will all be okay (at least this is what i keep telling myself). so i found out about 30 minutes after i found out i was pregnant that i was accepted into a master's program at a seminary in ft. worth for marriage and family counseling. so, i will be leaving my current job in mid-july, we will be moving to ft. worth at the end of july and i will be starting school in august! we spent all day yesterday in ft. worth and gregg interviewed for 5 jobs in one day. yep 5-between 10am and 3pm. crazy day for him and crazy day for me because our car decided to die on me while he was in his first interview. it all worked out and he made it to all them and got 5 offers! wow. i'm so excited and he was offered a position that he's really excited about so that makes it even better.

it's officially okay for anyone at work to know, so no more secrecy and no more trying to dodge the following questions/comments:

1. are you going to come back to work after you have the baby?
2. oh, so excited that we'll have another baby around the office!
3. are you going to bring the baby to work you?

i hate not being able to just tell people the truth flat out and now i can. 

i have mixed feelings about moving to ft. worth. i'm partly excited to be someone new, meet new people and figure out a new city. i mean, it's definitely not a city gregg or i would ever pick to live in but it's not a bad city necessarily. everyone that once lived there seems to really like and have good things to say about. we will be living in student housing because it's incredibly cheap (i.e. $430/month for a 2bedroom). unfortunately, the area that the school/housing is in isn't the greatest but it's a really convenient location and really close to downtown where gregg will be working. i've also heard about some great churches in the area too but of course this brings me to the part of moving that i'm not so excited about...

leaving our friends here and our amazing church here and this super cool city with all it's fantastic food! i really do like austin and so does gregg. he says it would be the perfect city if it were on the beach. it would be but then i'd be san diego and we'd have to live in a tent to afford rent/mortgage.

anyway so in just over 2 months we will be leaving austin. i don't think it's really hit me yet-just like the fact that i'm having a baby hasn't really hit me yet either. although, i think that will set in real soon. i already only have 1 pair of jeans that i can still wear (of course they would have to be the most tacky/worn out pair i own) and 1 skirt that still fits but that won't last much longer. today i tried on maternity pants at target but they didn't have the size i needed. i think it may be too early for them but i don't know what else to do-i need pants! i can't wear a dress everyday-i'm running out of them! 

it is definitely an exciting time for us. for the past year i've felt like there was something coming-something that would be new and challenging and really give us (especially me) the direction we'd been seeking for our lives and now it's here. i'm so excited to have finally made the decision after 4.5 years to go back to school. i'm so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to go to seminary and grow in my faith while earning my degree. i know it will be hard managing it all but God has always been so faithful to us, i know He has a plan and will make a way for it all work out.

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