Tuesday, March 17, 2009

one time....

samantha and i thought we were models/rock stars
must be heaven girls threw me a birthday/going away
party right before i moved to austin

gregg spelled out "i luv you" with flower pedals from some dying flowers

i turned 22 and had short hair

a had a short lived nose piercing
(and a hippie shirt that i now really miss)

we have been using my old computer because gregg's got a virus of some sort on it. my computer is old and not so great but it has all my old pictures from college and my first year of living in austin on it. i decided to share a few-there are SO many more on here i'd forgotten about.
okay, now i really am going to work.


gm said...

i miss that shirt too baby. what happened to it?? it's ok, you have plenty of great ones in its place though.

gm said...

by the way, you've always been hot in that top pic. ;)