Wednesday, March 18, 2009

google chat

me: i want to be a stay at home wife and puppy mommy
Gregg: ha
me: please
Gregg: i'm sorry
me: macey needs me
Gregg: we'll have to pay off student loan debt, and live in a small/poor city & then we could do it
me: sounds good, let's make that our 5 year plan
Gregg: sounds like a nice 5 year plan"i'm going to fall off the face of the earth in five years"
me: alright, now we have some direction for our future
Gregg: you didn't understand the quote then
me: yes i did
Gregg: giving up on real life isn't a good thing
me: i'm just lying to myself so i can be happy. you should become a famous musician and make lots of money go mainstream-forget the christian thing there is no money in that
Gregg: i have no voice i can't sing...
me: that's okay they can fix that digitally
Gregg: ok...i want to sing with lots of curse words
me: YES! that will rake in the $$
Gregg: k

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