Wednesday, March 11, 2009

lazy day

i know texas weather is fickle but i really feel like this "winter" has been the most fickle in my lifetime. yesterday it was 88 degrees and sunny; today it is 50 degrees, rainy and cloudy. at least once the summer gets here you know what to expect everyday.

so today has been a lazy day for me. the perfect day to have work with nowhere to be. i think working part time for the last almost 2 years has only made my laziness worse. anyway, went to get coffee and read over our study for tonight this morning and then i went to the bank to deposit a check. when at the bank i saw this new market i've been wanting to visit and had forgotten about so i convinced gregg to go in with me. it's called New Flower Market and it's pretty cool. it's like a smaller central market but some of the prices are really good and some are pretty similar to central market's. gregg was able to get 1lb of salmon for a pretty decent price. i am not so much a fan of fish so it doesn't really excite me.

after the trip to new flower not much else has gone on. really boring day.

just thought i'd post something because i get bummed when other ppls blogs aren't updated. this is dreadfully boring though.

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