Friday, March 6, 2009

i cannot believe it is already after 5pm on friday, where did this week go?

i would like to blog about my week and all the thoughts running through my head but i can't. this blog is too public. i am doubtful many people read it because i have no idea who does and who does not i will err on the cautious side. if you are interested i will be glad to fill you in via email. (kathy and samantha-you already know what i'm talking about)

tonight we have friends coming over and i am just feeling all kinds of lazy. i am in the process of baking cookies so i guess that's something but we also have to make dinner and our apartment isn't near as clean as i'd like it to be. oh well. they are friends therefore no need to try to impress.

last weekend i got hang out with samantha a little and that was nice. i made the sacrifice of attending the wedding of her brother with her. talk about awkward. i wasn't invited and i hadn't seen most of the people there that i did know in SO long. it has been 5-6 years since i've seen these people and at one point (5-6 years ago) they were are a part of every single one of my weekends. i haven't been able to figure out why going back to brenham bothers me so but i have a few theories. the biggest theory is that it is because i have SO many memories of life there that feels like someone else's life. so many of those people who were huge to me then are no longer in my life at all. it makes me sad to have lost touch with some of them and it makes me feel awkward to go back to a place where i feel like i should belong (because i once did) but i just don't belong anymore. hard to explain but i prefer to stay out of brenham as much as possible with the exception of visiting my family of course.

i think that trip last week is what is causing these random dreams i have been having lately that involve people from my brenham life. hmm.

anyway. that's all i have. i'm too tired for this right now.


Samantha said...

Brenham dreams? Yeah, the trip made me a little crazy too. Patrick suggested I not go back anytime soon because I was pretty crazy upon my return home... I think he may be on to something.

Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

like the new blog look! very cute.