Monday, February 2, 2009


this weekend went by so quickly-as they always do. even with 3 day weekends i don't know where the time goes.

friday morning i met a new friend at mozarts for coffee. we talked for over a hour just getting to know each other better-it was nice meeting someone new. i'm realizing that i'm getting so much better at one-on-one conversations with new people. i think i have work to thank for this.

then i head to brenham for the rest of the day and night. played the new Office game my dad/brother got for Christmas and also played apples to apples with my mom, dad and brother. you should know that if you are going to play ANY game with my mom there is about a 99% chance that you will be accused of cheating at some point. if she's not winning then obviously it's because cheating is involved. ha. apples to apples was fun and i'm not a game fan. we also watched Fireproof (that kirk cameron movie about marriage). definitely had a good message but the acting was the equivalent of a high school play with the exception of kirk himself. none the less-good message/content once you get passed that (if you can..)

saturday morning i head back to austin around 10am. i felt like it took forever getting back. it's only a 2 hr drive (my mom swears it is 1.5 hr but it's not..) but man it felt like it took all day. i haven't been feeling that great lately and had to stop once because i was about to be really sick. i blame these stupid vitamins. when i got home i ordered proactive online. ever since getting off the pill my face has started attacking me. i can't have that-so i decided to try the celebrity endorsed skin care solution. i will let you know how it goes.

saturday afternoon we hung out with our friends shane and shelby who are fast becoming our "go to" ppl for weekend hanging out and i like it! it's SUCH a blessing to have people like that in my life again. sunday was church, class, shopping (a failed attempt at finding clothes for gregg-i am SO glad i'm not a guy) and then superbowl partying. busy busy weekend...all fun things but overall, a little too busy for my liking.

tonight i made corn chowder and homemade biscuits for dinner. gregg still won't be home from work for another hour but i already ate. i can't wait until 7:30 to eat!

is it bad that i look forward to the bachelor all week long??!! only 30 more mins the drama begins. i'm such a reality tv whore.

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