Wednesday, January 21, 2009

woes of being an "adult"

i read this article in a magazine that said no one over 30 should EVER shop in the juniors section at clothing stores. now i'm not 30 yet but i am nearly 27 and i do have to admit that looking at clothes next to a 15 year old is a little strange. but have you looked in the "women's" section lately??? first of all, if you can find anything that isn't completely disgusting there is a really good chance it will cost about 3x the amount of the clothing in the juniors section. 2nd of all, their sizes are all weirded up. i mean really, in the juniors i'm a 9 but in the women's i'm a 6?? what?? for the most part, i buy my clothes off the clearance racks at target and old navy but, occasionally, i'll explore other stores and i always end up confused and frustrated. i am concerned that i dress like a 16 year old and not a 26 year old so i've been trying to work on it. luckily, my office is totally laid back and i can dress very casually with the exception of those days i have meetings or presentations with outside people.

in other news, we OWE money to the goverment and will not be getting a refund this year. HUGE bummer.

ugh, adult life.

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gm said...

i'm sorry we can't afford the adult girl's clothing baby, they're definitely more expensive...i'll try harder.