Friday, January 23, 2009

16 is a lot

my cousin lindsey tagged me so here it is:

1. i seriously am always thinking about food. people usually think i'm only joking when i say this but i am sadly very serious. always thinking about what i can eat next and how many calories it has. let me tell you-it's a really fun way to live..

2. marriage has made me lazy. i am not nearly as concerned about cleaning my living space as i was in college. i won't even attempt to carry heavy things anymore and if i can't get something to work on the first try-i just call gregg. i can't believe i am turning out this way, i should work on this. i still need things put away and in their place though.

3. i really can't spell and i'm really not all that concerned about it. i don't know why spelling is a challenge for me but, honestly, i'm not too concerned about improving my spelling skills.

4. i never thought i was a dog person until we got our dog macey. now i'm concerned i love her a little too much. if gregg would allow it, she would sleep in our bed. i feel guilty for leaving her alone while i'm at work and i freak out when i hear her make noises in the middle of the night. i love macey as if she were human.

5. i have a weird obsession with the northeast coast. i would love to have a huge amount of time to spend traveling through rhode island, maine, new hampshire and the like. i've never been to any of those places so i have no idea why i have this obsession.

6. well over 95% of the decorating done in our apartment was done by gregg-not me. i only fess up to this about half the time when people compliment us on anything in our apartment. he's better at it than me and i'll never let myself spend the money on that type of thing. i'm lucky.

7. i hate being the center of attention. freaks me out and my face starts to burn.

8. i get lost in big groups of people. once the number hits about 8 i start to feel overwhelmed and awkward and usually just sit and watch/listen to the people i'm with.

9. the shower curtain should always be closed. ALWAYS. if you don't believe me just ask kathy.

10. if i don't get some form of caffeine by 10am i have a huge headache.

11. up until 7ish months ago i thought i would never want biological children. it amazes me how much my feelings on that have changed.

12. i have always dreamed of being able to adopt the majority of my children. i am praying that God allows that to be a reality one day.

13. the chances are pretty good that i will never make as much money in one year's salary as i owe in student loan debt and i'm okay with that.

14. i cry over commercials.

15. i hate the way my hair looked on my wedding day. it's the only thing about the whole day i would change if i could.

16. i have this dream of opening a bakery that benefits the homeless way in the back of my mind that i pretty much never talk to anyone about.

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Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

tell me about the shower curtain. is this my obsession and yours? or did I always leave it open and you shut it? i really can't remember, and now I always shut it. so please help this old person out. have i always like the curtain closed, or is this something i learned from you. ha!