Wednesday, January 14, 2009

some things..

i have decided to stop trying to force my hair to be straight and have given into having wavy/curly hair on a regular basis. gregg likes it better and i save about 45mins a day this way.

took macey to the vet to get a vaccine and i think it made her feel not so well. it's hard to tell really because she's pretty lazy but she didn't even eat her treat and she always freaks out over those treats.

went to work today for 2 hr meeting that was pointless.

still no baby headed our way anytime soon (although i have started having dreams of a doctor telling me i was born without eggs...)

i've really been missing my friends lately and have been feeling pretty lonely.

started counting calories again last monday-it's not as awful of a process as i remember it being. not trying to lose weight just trying to get control of my eating habits.

i have been feeling exceptionally lazy lately, so lazy in fact that i am considering not cleaning the apartment before our CG comes over tonight. we're supposed to be living in community and i think that sometimes includes un-swept floors and dirty dishes right??

went my sister and mom to pick out my sister's wedding dress last weekend. it was an event but the dress is so beautiful. i love it! i can't wait to pick out bridesmaid dresses now.

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Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

aww! poor macey! Lucy got her vaccines' today. She had a reaction to one of them. She got sick, and broke out in hives on her neck, so I had to give her haven't done much today. keeping an eye on her, making sure she's feeling better. post a pic of your new do.