Saturday, January 10, 2009

so the weird thing is, if you would have asked me a year ago if i wanted children chances are that i would have said either two things: 1. perhaps, but i don't feel like my life would be empty without children OR 2. not biological children. but now, i so want to be mother. it is strange to even type those words and realize that i am talking about myself feeling that way.

my office is very family friendly and babies are always around, especially now that the eight women who office around me that were pregnant all had their babies within the last three months. their is a director whose office is right outside my cubical and she has been bringing her 3 month old to work everyday for the past few weeks. he spends a lot of the day crying and i get to hear how patient and loving she is with him. she calls him her "little man" and apologizes to him when he cries because she knows something must be not quite right for him. he's absolutely adorable too. lately i've been on a blog reading spree; spending a some time in my evenings reading the blogs of the women who attend our church. our church is quite large and being that people in large groups tend to intimidate me, it's pretty safe to say there many people i have yet to meet-even though i now read their blogs faithfully :) my point is, that these women are for the most part all mothers raising their children to love and serve Christ and others. most of them are open about the challenges of raising children and the desire in their hearts to parent in a way that would please Christ and point their children to Him. i am realizing that the blogging world can be such a great place. i feel like even though i do not know these women on a personal level (and there is a good chance they definitely don't know me) i can still learn from them and i think that's fantastic.

still though, gregg and i have often talked about how great it would be to have a couple just a few stages or so ahead of us in life to serve as our mentors. a couple that isn't necessarily years older than us, but just at that next stage-maybe a few more years into marriage and already walking down the parenting path and, obviously, one that follows after Christ. i do think that would be so beneficial for us. i know that i would be honored to be that for someone else. i think we are each other's greatest resources and that we often don't explore that enough.

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