Friday, November 28, 2008

returning johnny's guitar after dinner at kerby lane with britt and johnny
crazy rose picture


passing time waiting for britt and johnny..

the proposal site at auditorium shores that gregg and i set up

pictures from my sister's recent engagement. you can read about the stress it brought gregg and i here:

though it did bring some stress to us, it turned out perfectly for my sister brittany and her new fiance johnny :) she was completely surprised and completely happy by his proposal. those of you that know how the past year and a half of has gone, know what a complete and total blessing from God this engagement is. it never ever ceases to amaze me how faithful God is. i have been blown away by his faithfulness but also by the strength of my younger sister. i do not how i would have reacted to the situation she was dealt and it amazes me how she relied on God and never once wavered in her faith in Him. it has truly been incredible to watch her wait for His direction and seek His voice throughout everything and see Him work out a new and perfect path for her life.

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