Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Time is Here..

tomorrow is december 1st. this has long been my favorite day of the year and i don't have much of a reason for that other than that around this time of the year it is usually fairly chilly outside and, obviously, christmas time is here :)

i had planned to pick out and decorate our tree today but it was ridiculously windy outside and i was just feeling a little too lazy to deal with being outside long enough to do that. last year we visited about 3 or 4 places and spent at least 30 mins at each place before deciding on a tree. i just wasn't feeling up to doing that in the wind today. wednesday will definitely be the day though :)

on thursday i will find out about the future of my current job situation. i hope i have good news to report that evening. i will definitely not be losing my job but hopefully will be increasing my hours. although given the current financial state it is looking less and less likely every day. i will, however, NOT be teaching anytime in the near future. i wasn't accepted into the program i applied for so it looks like i won't be going that route-at least not now. i was a little disappointed at first but now i'm feeling good about the outcome. i really like the kind of work i am currently in but just struggle with the pay and finding my niche. i feel like i'm about to figure all that out soon though-we'll see.

pretty low-key thanksgiving and weekend; nothing too fun to report and not even any pictures. i just wasn't really feeling like being festive for some reason. nothing going on, just a weird mood i suppose.

so that's about it.

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