Sunday, October 26, 2008

gregg made fish tacos tonight, i LOVE fish tacos

enjoying his taco and humoring me in my effort to
document our lives better. such a good husband; making
dinner and humoring his random wife.

enjoying my own tacos (and yes i'm wearing the same
shirt i did yesterday-don't judge me please)

so i've made the decision that we (gregg and i) do not document our lives nearly enough. in light of this decision there are some pictures above for you to enjoy.

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Samantha said...

Oh fish tacos! I have stopped eating fish for the most part. I think I had sushi the last time when I was in Vegas (2 months ago now) and I had shrimp at work, and felt really guilty. Maybe it's all these liberals in LA (as if I am one to talk). Thanks for sending me your link. I love blogs. I also twitter. On my iPhone. And Flickr random pics... from my iPhone. Did I mention how much I love the iPhone? Miss you! Come see me!