Friday, August 8, 2008

today we cancelled our cable! ahhhh...

it's okay really-i will most definitely survive and we will save a decent amount of $$ and hopefully pick-up new hobbies. even more hopefully (does that make sense) one of those new hobbies will include working out together. for the past 6wks or so i've been a major slacker in the way of working out. for months i was doing SO good but somehow i lost the momentum and sunk into my lazy ways again. this week i've been better and actually worked out 3 times. tonight gregg and i finally checked out this mysterious trail i've been wondering about across the street from our apartment. it's a good little trail with lots of trees and shade and is a short 1.16 mile loop. so tonight we jogged/walked it 2x around. running is by far not my thing but i've decided to work on making it my thing. so my goal is jog/walk it at least 2x around several times a week and eventually just run the whole thing. also, my goal is do a 5k in 6 wks. i know a 5k is really really not much but a person whose always despised running-it would be an accomplishment.

i have to work tomorrow and am slightly annoyed about that. it's not the entire day-just 10-2 but still..ugh. it will be outside as well and outside will be about 103 degrees-again. oh texas..

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