Wednesday, July 6, 2016

eisley, you are three.


you are three.

i don't understand time. part of me is heartbroken that our baby isn't a baby any longer and the other part of me is just so excited to see you learning and growing into your own person a little more everyday.

you are still "strong willed" but i think you are learning a little more about give and take. you still love your mom and i am perfectly okay with that. you are so excitable and it is SO fun to excite you! you have been known to use phrases like "you are the best daddy i have ever seen!!". you say thank you all the time without any prompting. you are feisty but also have this really genuine, kind side to you.  babies are still your thing (i guess you get it from you mom) and you push those babies around all day long in your double stroller. yes, you have a double stroller for baby dolls. we bought a trampoline this summer and you love to jump on the "jumpoline" as often as you can.

you love your brother and sister. your relationship with tucker in particular has really grown this past year. you two have a good thing going and i love seeing him look after you. you really like to mess with him and try to get a reaction out of him but he has grown so patient with you. you went to your first movie at the movie theater today and did so well. i wasn't sure how it would go, so we tried out a free summer movie (Monsters, Inc.) and you watched the whole thing. you are so big these days eisley. it makes my heart both want to break and burst. you still love minnie mouse. we didn't do a birthday party this year but we celebrated you at home with our family. i kept asking what you wanted for your birthday and you always answered that you wanted a cupcake and a balloon, so we made sure to have that. we did make your first trip to chuck e cheese on your birthday though. you loved running from game to game but were not a fan of the mouse.

you are into princesses more these days and will be found wearing one of your princess dresses most days. you figured out how to use the potty in practically no time at all. you are still in a crib and mom's not messing with that set-up any time soon. you seem to love being in the water and are suddenly fearless in it! you love to dance. you love to snack. you love to give hugs. you love your stuffed puppies and have even grown to love real puppies. so much so that your crazy mom was considering getting one for you guys but fortunately, came to her senses. your grandparents gave you a stuffed dog and kennel for your birthday and you literally jumped up and down and said "i'm so happy!!" when you opened it. you want to talk to everyone, all the time. you often ask me to tell you a story, you don't care if i tell you the same story 100 times in a row, you just want to engage in conversation.

you are not shy or timid, but you really want to be in control of your situation. so when it's time to leave you with a babysitter or in your class at church or the gym, you scream 90% of the time but only until the door closes and then you are happy. i think this is your way of making sure we all know that being left was not your idea.

eisley, i could talk about you for days and never run out of things to say. i can't believe you are 3. we love you more than i could ever say. you have our hearts and we are so thankful for your life.

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