Monday, August 31, 2015


you know why we go to bed feeling like crappy parents most nights? because we just endured bedtime. no one can possibly feel awesome about their parenting coming out on the other side of that.

abbey made bedtimes seem like a fairy led walk in the park....until 2.5 yrs old.

tucker was pretty straight forward about his intentions when it came to bedtimes from the get go. wasn't havin it.

eisley is a complex little thing. when it comes to bedtime, she is perfect. when it comes to literally everything else...she is, well, complicated. in the cutest way possible of course.

it took me 1.5 hrs to get my 3 children successfully to bed tonight. ONE AND A HALF hours. that may not seem that bad (as my husband had the audacity to say..) but let me tell you, it's that bad.

you know what comes before bedtime? bath time. you know what comes before bath time? dinner time.

for the love, how are the cards so stacked against parents when it comes to schedules.

by the time bed time rolls, or crawls, around i am so emotionally and mentally traumatized by the previous hours' happenings that all i can muster up are some bedtime prayers and a kiss goodnight. i don't have it in me to do songs and stories and long cuddles. power to you if you can find energy for all that but after flying solo through dinner and bath time, i'm literally hobbling into bedtime.

eisley puts up a little fit every night when i put her in bed but it doesn't last longer than 2 mins and she is out. or at least quiet.

abbey is pretty hit and miss these days. some days all is dreamy in her little world and she obliges to staying in bed to look at books until quietly putting them and laying down for sleep. but some days all is the opposite of dreamy and her bed is suddenly the most lonely and terrifying place her little eyes have lied eyes on. on those nights, she likes to get out of bed and come remind me of her new found aversion to her room every 10 mins until i finally issue some half empty threat about taking her tv time away, at which point she supernaturally musters the courage to face her bed, closer her eyes and

but tucker. tucker is holding true to who he laid himself out to be from day one when it comes to bedtime.
eisley lays down the weight of the task of my sanctification at bedtime and tucker picks it right up from her and carries on. i am at a loss with this kid. it should be noted that the two nights a week that gregg is home for bedtime are a TOTALLY different story. tucker also taps into the supernatural on the those weekend nights and finds the ability to lay the heck down and go to sleep within a 5 minute time period. but mon-fri night he is running hard to make sure that mom sanctification responsibility doesn't get neglected.

by the time it's all said and done, i collapse into bed and start trying to gather the engery to do it all again the next night. i need at least 24 hrs to get ready for it again.

bedtime; killing parent's confidence since the beginning of time.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for speaking the truth. Bedtime is a 1.5 hour process for us too. It is exhausting and some nights I just collapse on the couch.