Thursday, November 21, 2013

tucker turns TWO

somehow, tucker turned two on the 17th. even though he has a little sister i still think of him as a baby.
everyday he surprises me with he understands, remembers, SAYS, does, etc. i guess he is trying to make me realize he isn't a baby and is actually a toddler now.

 over the last couple of months i feel like his vocabulary has exploded. i think a lot of this has to do with abbey being with him all the time. he repeats everything she does and says. everything. for example, a couple nights ago she was twirling around in her princess dress and said "i'm a princess!" tucker took one look at her, spun around and said "i'm a princess too!" it's adorable to see him figuring things out through watching her and learning so much everyday. he is still the sweetest boy-in between his fits that is. he does love himself a good fit :) but normally, he is happy and sweet. he carries baby dolls around and pretends to feed them, burp them and rock them way more than abbey does. he loves eisley SO much. he cannot pass her by without kissing her or saying hi to her. he asks "i hold her?" several times a day and will go up to her and say "eisley mae! it's me, tucker!"

he has gotten much better about being left for childcare. he has started to just run right into the kid center at the gym and today, he asked to go to the gym. he is more timid in big groups than abbey, something he gets from me i'm sure, and will kind of stand back and hang out for awhile. he is really friendly and talkative to adults/kids one-on-one though. abbey is definitely his best friend and he is definitely hers. i love how they play together and interact all day long. of course, this means more fights but i guess that's how it goes. they are lost when one isn't around. tucker's favorite activities these days are brushing his teeth, throwing tennis balls up on the roof and watching them roll down, and digging in sand/dirt (although he likes to come inside to wash his hands every 15 mins or so). he all of the sudden knows the names of all the PBS shows on in the mornings but will rarely sit to watch them except for a few minutes first thing in the morning or when he is really, really tired. he still likes to be held more than i would think a 2 yr old would and is all about hugs and kisses. i am pretty sure he came into my room yesterday and said "mama, i love you."

i know i was worried about having a boy and how i would bond with him, but from the minute i heard that boy cry my heart exploded with a whole new love. i have heard people say that you love each of your children equally but in different ways and i think that is true. i cannot get enough of tucker august, even on his fit throwing days, he just redeems himself with his smile and sweet hugs. and those big blue eyes don't hurt either. ugh, my heart.

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Leah said...

Sweet kiddo! And I am feeling the exact same way about Sam turning 2 next month! He still seems like a babe to me. :)