Friday, March 23, 2012

this weekend

i am hoping to enjoy some outdoor time. the weather is awesome and i am hoping we can make a visit to the zilker park train again. abbey asks to go back almost everyday.

i am watching a friend's little girl tomorrow night while her and her husband go out. her daughter will be sleeping when i get there and i'm leaving the kids home with gregg. i'm planning on having a nice little evening of netflix + icecream. va-ca-tion!

looking forward to going to church. we missed last week and the week before i went alone with the kids because gregg had to work. looking forward to going together.

my parents + brother will be coming into town on sunday. the guys are going to a concert on sunday evening, so my mom and i will hang out at home and then on monday morning my parents and i are going to see the house we are in the process of buying. i am so looking forward to seeing the house again now that it looks like it will likely be ours (still a little hesitant to get too attached). hooray!

i am looking forward to maybe getting a full nights sleep. a certain someone told me he'd pull night duty this weekend and i'm hoping he hasn't forgotten :)

happy weekend.

Katy Loves

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