Wednesday, December 14, 2011

wednesday things

it seems tucker is partial to saving his awake time for the hours of 4am to 6am. it looks something like this; he wakes up at 3:30, i feed him until about 4:30 and then he doesn't go back to sleep until 6 or a little later..and then abbey wakes up around 7-7:30. so basically, my days are stating at 3:30am minus the few minutes of broken sleep i may get. needless to say, i'm pretty tired.

after dragging myself off the couch this morning after such a night i decided that i didn't care how tired i was, i was going to try to do something fun and interactive with abbey. since i wasn't aiming for the stars i settled on making her a felt christmas tree and ornaments to play with, followed by some coloring and play dough time and then some cookie baking. fortunately, tucker was busy catching up on his sleep during all this (lucky baby) so it was possible to get everything done.

i am finding that i have to make quite the effort to enjoy these sleepy, busy days instead of just wishing them away. fortunately, i've got this cuteness to help keep me going..


Leah said...

ah, when my mom goes home and matt goes back to work, i will probably be dealing w/ the same issues! i will pray for you when i think about it!

Leah said...

oh, and i meant to say that you're doing a good job giving abbey some stuff to do!