Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas was a little different this year in that we ended up spending Christmas morning as just a family of four. Later in the day, my parents and brother came to visit and we went out to lunch but I found that i really enjoyed our quiet Christmas morning. it was fun to see abbey this year because she is old enough to kind of get into the whole Christmas thing.

we kept the presents part of Christmas light and got abbey a few small things-her favorite thing seems to be a tiny plastic dinosaur. she pulled it out of her stocking and said "dinaosaur!! roaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrr!" it was pretty cute :) she is also a big fan of the little stroller i found for $11. she pushes her dino around in it all day.

making christmas cookies on christmas eve. she kept eating the dough and saying "cookies yummy!"

after we opened presents, gregg read the story of Jesus from the Jesus Storybook Bible and we had semi-homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast. My parents got into town around later that afternoon and spent a few hours having lunch and opening up more presents with abbey and tucker. the kids and i are headed to my parent's house later this afternoon for for the rest of the week for a late Christmas celebration with my whole family and a visit to my hometown to see my grandma and aunts. it is going to be a little hectic being gone from home that long with kids and without gregg but he is on call most the week and weekend so he has to stay home. it will be a good chance for us to spend several days with family and for abbey to get to play with her favorite kid in the world-my nephew noah :)

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