Thursday, December 22, 2011

another day

yesterday i took abbey to her 2 year well check where we learned that she is in fact getting so big! for all the mommies out there here are her stats: 32 lbs (90th %) and 35.5 inches tall (75th %). i kinda feel like the percentile for her height should be higher because that seems really tall to me. 

during her appointment the doctor did the normal eye exam and noticed that the red reflex in her left eye was weak. she said that it could be a sign that her left eye is weaker than her right or it could be "something really scary." seriously, those were her words. she named off an abbreviation of some diagnosis that it could be a sign of and put in a referral to the eye doctor. i didn't really think much of it until the office called and wanted to schedule her for first thing this morning as a work-in...then i started to worry because it must be something potentially serious if they were in that big of a hurry. of course i then did what every (ir)rational mother would do and started googling to find out just what this "something really scary" could be. the doctor was right-what it could be was really really scary-think tumors, loss of vision, potential death. i started to freak out a little and couldn't keep myself from getting emotional for the rest of the night. maybe the combination of left over post pregnancy hormones + exhaustion made the worry worse but i was kind of a mess-probably moreso internally than what was visible outside.

praise God i am so happy to say that we got the best case scenario from the eye doctor this morning. weak left eye-actually significantly weaker than the right-that will require our little abbey pants to start wearing glasses asap. oh my. while i think little kids in glasses are super adorable, i have no idea how we will successfully get her to keep glasses on. he also said she will likely need a patch at some point in the next year. i am so thankful that this was all it is and not the "scary" things it could have been. it is hard when you are forced to realize that the most precious things in your life are not really yours and you have no control over them. 

and now..some pictures from yesterday...

tucker hanging out during abbey's appointment

after the doctor we met some friends for a story time downtown. this is a picture of the 2 minutes abbey sat for the story.

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