Tuesday, November 22, 2011

after only 5 days into life with a newborn again i feel like it's pretty safe to say that i'm enjoying the newborn stage so much more this time around than last time. it doesn't feel as overwhelming and exhausting. we have already adjusted to life as parents and made the realization that parenting requires you to choose your child over yourself.  i also know how quickly this stage will pass and how briefly he will be this tiny, smushy little baby and i want to enjoy it this time instead of wishing it away.

abbey seems to be adjusting to tucker really really well. of course, it's all still very new to her so it's possible that the interest will fade at some point. but for now, she asks about him when she wakes up in the morning and when he's sleeping.  sometimes she wants to give him hugs and other times she's too busy for that :) overall, the initial transition phase and dealing with c-section recovery has been much better than i expected it to be. abbey does still ask me to hold her several times a day but she doesn't get upset when i tell her i can't pick her up and offer to sit with her on the couch instead. i do miss her a great deal and am looking forward to being able to take care of her and play with her like usual again at some point.

in general, i feel so relieved to be on the other side of pregnancy and so very very blessed to have these two sweet babies as our own.

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Kathy Ormont said...

Can u believe how much bigger your first baby is compared to your second?