Friday, September 9, 2011

not a morning person

it's no secret to anyone that has lived with me that i am not a morning person. i don't want you to talk to me and i certainly don't want to talk to you until i have been up for at least an hour. it's not really that i don't like getting up early because i feel the same way whether i am up at 6am or 10am (although, i can't even remember the last time i slept until 10am?). it's just that i do not wish to spend that first hour of the day socializing or interacting. at all really if possible.

after 4.5 years of marriage my husband is starting to get the seriousness of this. my children will probably catch on at some point in their lives. for now i am, miraculously, able to handle our daughter without much or any grump in the morning.

our dog on the other hand, that's a different story. for as long as we've had macey and lived in apartments we've always had a balcony "yard". some grass mats -fake or real-that we could let her out on instead of having to deal with the hassle of taking her downstairs and outside. a few months ago our balcony yard got to the point of complete disgustingness and we decided to pick it up and suck it up and take her out like most people do.

oh how i regret this decision.

gregg will take her out around 6am before he leaves for work. i wake up around 7am. i kid you not, from the minute my feet come out of bed that dog is running circles around me, jumping up on my legs and generally acting as if she has not been outside in a good week. i know it's coming every morning and every morning it makes me want to punch the wall. because i have to go outside in public to help her situation, i have to put on some type of decent clothing, get abbey up, diaper changed and usually clothes changed because she tends to soak her pjs every night, shoes on both of us and THEN we can start the adventure of going downstairs and to let macey take her morning 20 minute poop stroll. during this time i get to work to keep abbey off the poop filled grass and out of the apartment parking lot traffic while we wait for macey to find the spot seem deems most perfect.

by the time we make it back up the stairs and inside my grumpy morning self is about to explode.

we move in 2 weeks to another apartment and you can bet your bottom that we will have that balcony yard back in our lives.

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Carey said...

aaand you're super preggo. props to you, girl.