Saturday, August 20, 2011

this happened tonight

that's right, abbey said goodbye to her a crib and is spending her first night in a toddler bed. as you can see, she was very excited about her new bed. she spent a good 20 minutes exploring and playing with it when she first saw it. so far, we are off to a good start but i'm still nervous about this transition.  she went right to sleep and has been for the past 2.5 hours with the exception of falling out of the bed about 15 minutes ago. poor baby. but she went right back to sleep. here is to hoping for a smooth night, morning and nap time tomorrow!

surprisingly i am much less emotional about this than i thought i would be. probably because it was a pretty last minute decision to buy her the new bed today so i didn't have the chance to dwell on her last night/morning in a crib. also, likely because we will be setting the crib right back up in a month when we move to our new place for little tucker.

could not love that sweet girl any more.

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