Monday, July 11, 2011

fashion flashback

today i pulled some things out of abbey's closet and came across these two outfits that were mine when i was little. my mom was all about the frilly dresses (apparently everyone was back then) and supposedly short dresses were also what people put on their girls because all the dresses from my toddler years were SHORT.

i believe this was my first Easter dress. to be fair, abbey is a good 6 mths older now than i was when i wore it:

she was less than thrilled to be wearing this. i think it was probably pretty itchy because she kept pulling on it and saying "off?"

there about 1000 pictures of me wearing this as a toddler/preschooler. i wore this up until i was about 3 i think. again, short was the in thing i suppose:

she was much more comfortable in this. even though the material looks and feels like it was originally a dish towel, there is something about this little suit that i think is adorable on abbey.

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