Tuesday, July 19, 2011

19 mths.

i don't even know how it's possible. the only thing keeping me from tears when i realize abbey will be 2 in than 4 months is knowing we will have another sweet baby here within that time frame. but honestly, i'm not sure how much longer that is going to help me-nothing changes the fact that so much time has gone by so quickly.

i feel like every stage since abbey was 4 months old has been our "favorite stage". we seem to repeat that phrase every few months but she just keeps getting cuter and smarter. she went to her 18 month check-up last month and all seems to be going well. her weight/height growth seems to be leveling off (27lbs, 32.5 inches for those who are interested) and i'm not really surprised by that.

abbey at 19mths:

-talking so much lately. it seems like everyday she learns a new word and how to use it. her most frequent requests these days include "mulk, moosic, go pool? and elmo" she also ask to eat whens he's hungry and says thank you ALL the time. if you hand her something or if she gives you something she says thank you. she also says "bye bye-see you _____' and fills in the blank with whatever/whoever she's leaving. gregg also taught her to say "mommy so cute" and i think it's adorable. she will also tell macey she so cute too. she says a lot more but it seems unnecessary to list them all out :)
-she has started to recognize when she had a dirty diaper (or is in the process of having one) and usually lets us know by say "poopy". i'm hoping this helps with potty training in a few months.
-she copies everything she sees us do. last week i closed her dresser drawer with my foot and she immediately opened it back up so she could close it with her foot.
-she LOVES music (or moosic) and ask for it when we are in the car and at random times at home. when the songs are switching she gets concerned that the music is over and says "uh-oh-moosic??".
-one of her favorite things is to line up her stuffed animals and then sit next to them. she usually does this on the windowsill in her room.
-we started being more consistent with reading from her Jesus Storybook Bible every night before bed. she loves it. she asks for it first thing in the morning.
-she's gotten more attached to me lately. i'm wondering if this is just a normal stage or if it has something to do with the pregnancy. i'm finding it hard to really put forth the effort to help the situation because really, i just want to take advantage of every minute i have with her as just the 2 of us. plus, who doesn't like 20 hugs a day :)

i feel like her fun personality is coming out more and more as she gets older. she loves to make you laugh and she loves to give hugs. she really does make our time at home so much fun and saying we are thankful for her is such an understatement.

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